“And She Cried” Premiere.

Last Thursday I travelled from Plymouth to Manchester to attend the premiere of “And She Cried”. A short film that I was an assistant on (and have mentioned before on this blog). Most of the Cast and Crew along with Press, Sponsors and representatives from the Sophie Lancaster foundation came to see the film in it’s first public screening.

The evening consisted of the film in full as well as promotion for our next project “Two Souls” which is currently in the process of fund raising.

https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/two-souls-a-film <————- Link to the funding page here

All in all working on “And She Cried” with Leaky Shed Productions has been brilliant.I’m so happy to have been a part of the film which handled the sensitive topic inspired by the murder of Sophie Lancaster fantastically. The film was incredibly moving and I  loved it (this was the first time I had seen it edited).

I’m also very excited to say that I will be involved with the next project!

and she cried crew
Crew of “And She Cried”

Author: emilysteelefilm

Filmmaker, Writer, Feminist.

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