Filmed Up – North West Filmmakers Night. (September)

Every 3 months the Cornerhouse in Manchester runs a night of selected short films made by the North West film making community. The films vary, including animation, documentary and fiction. At the end of the night you vote for your favourite film and have a chance to talk to some of the filmmakers. The most recent installment of this was on the 25th of September.

Out of the 12 films shown a few stand outs were:

The First Hit – Joseph Malone 

A Documentary about 3 recovering victims of substance misuse reflect on their addiction and how it’s affected them.

This was incredibly hard hitting and moving, it did a great job in discussing the effects an addiction can have on a life but it also ended on a hopeful note.

Angel in Ancoats – Rebecca Luck

After Mark moves to a new area of Manchester (Ancoats), He is struck by the mixture of decay, demolition and construction and wants to make a positive change. This alongside fears of being stuck in his life he takes a unique approach in trying to set the bricks free.

This was my personal favourite of the evening, I liked Mark’s unconventional attitude to the abandoned and disused buildings in Ancoats and how he strived to make a positive change in the area and in himself.

Coast– Sois De Traca

An animated music video exploring the attachment to the things left behind.

This was just a really beautiful animation with a good attitude towards letting go.

The Pig Child – Lucy Campbell, Scout Stuart and Loran Dunn

A Scientist illegally creates an embryo that is part human and part pig and uses herself as the surrogate to bring it into the world. 

This was really well made and brilliantly shot, it was also incredibly disturbing and shocking. The Pig Child was voted the best film of the night.

This was a really great night and a great opportunity to see some of the work made by the local film community and I definitely hope to attend the next installment of this!

Author: emilysteelefilm

Filmmaker, Writer, Feminist.

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