Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2014 + Masterclass with Mark Herman

Last week I went with my University to Aesthetica Short Film Festival in York, unfortunately due to the timings of the screenings and the masterclass I was only able to attend one screening that included 6 different short documentaries.

ASFF-2014Whilst all the documentaries were interesting, my personal favourite was Powder Rooms of the Female Kind by Tash Horton. This was a really interesting film about women’s relationship to make up and whether this empowers them or controls them. It focuses on 12 British women and their thoughts on living in an appearance obsessed society. The way in which Tash Horton portrays this is really creative and visually stunning.

Check out the filmmaker here:

Later on in the day I had an hour long masterclass with Screenwriter and Director Mark Herman, best known for The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas (2008), Little Voice (1998) and Brassed off (1996).  He discussed his career progression, jumping between doing Art, Animation and then Filmmaking at University, winning an Oscar for his final year project and how his career blossomed after that. He also talked about the relationship between screenwriting and directing and how he treats a script completely different from each role’s perspective. He described what it was like working with big companies such as Disney and how that can restrict creative freedom. Overall his talk was incredibly interesting and I was able to meet him afterwards. His advice for aspiring filmmakers was to attend film school as that was invaluable to him.

Overall, I enjoyed the experience despite the fact it was freezing and tipping it down with rain the entire day. I think it’s a great small festival and would love to return and see more categories to get a better idea of the event.


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Filmmaker, Writer, Feminist.

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