Ocean Studios- Jock Mooney, ‘WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT DO YOU WANT’

Yesterday, I went along to Ocean Studios  in Plymouth to see the most recent exhibition by Jock Mooney. This was my second visit to the beautiful little gallery at Royal William Yard.img_4032blog

“Referencing the edible tableaux associated with various religious festivals, Mooney displays these ideas in large cake-like forms: a two-faced Janus cat head, a torso with multiple sexual characteristics, the severed head of Marie Antoinette. These grotesques are in part inspired by eighteenth-century gingerbread biscuits produced for Saint’s Days in many European countries. Coloured brown and beige – the colours of gingerbread, cake, chocolate, or excrement – these votive figures are held aloft on highly coloured pompoms, garish bespoke fabric and gaudy domestic furniture.”


The exhibition is very colourful and there are lots of strange and interesting components to view including grotesque, detailed sculptures/ pen on paper drawings of faces as well as fun brightly coloured patterned rugs. It’s entertaining and different but I would definitely pick up the exhibition guide for a bit of background and explanation!

The Exhibition runs from the 23rd of September to the 20th of November.


Author: emilysteelefilm

Filmmaker, Writer, Feminist.

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