The Feminist Takeover (2015)

From suffragette smashing windows in the gallery to a breathtaking exhibition of female surrealists, Manchester has a rich heritage of stereotype-smashing women. Yet society, and the art world, is still dominated by men. ‘In Emergency Break Glass’ brings together the North’s best emerging female contemporary artists, performers & creatives to challenge the male-dominated artistic canon, respond to the gallery’s artworks and inspire attendees. Curated by The Feminist Takeover team (made up of feminist artists, curators, writers and researchers, protagonists from No More Page 3, For Book’s Sake, Mighty Heart Theatre and Stirred Poetry).

By giving self-identified women a voice in the context of Manchester Art Gallery we aim to encourage discussion and explore the issues around the representation of women within the gallery, the art world and the wider society.

Sybil (2015)

This short experimental fiction film is based on the old English folktale “Bearnshaw Tower & Lady Sybil”. The plot centres around Sybil, she feels suffocated by her monotonous life and the misogynistic men that surround her. She desperately wants to escape her life. She develops a strong connection to nature through the small window garden she builds.

Passion (2015)

This short film is written by Ciarán McLaughlin and Noah Rose and directed by Ciarán McLaughlin. I was the producer. It is a darkly satirical cross-examination of belief, commercialism and the nature of film itself. Focusing on protagonist, Sally, a vulnerable young woman whose desperation causes her to call a phone-in psychic who is a prime example of false advertising.

Lullaby (2015)

This short Non-Linear film is written and directed by Ciarán McLaughlin, I was the producer. The plot follows Helen as she searches for her husband’s estranged son.

Translucent (2014)

This documentary is an exploration of my family and our dynamic since my sister Diana, came out as male to female transgender. It is a personal window into our lives as an ordinary family and an insight into being a young transgender person in the 21st century. The aim is not to sensationalise my family but to normalise and bring more awareness of young transgender people in a more light hearted way.

Q&A I did for the screening of Translucent at Queer as Film in London on 28/02/15.
Filmed by Osvin Dias.

Media Arts Exhibition (2014)

This is a short documentation of the Media Arts Exhibition for my first year at University.

Student Feminism (2014)

I made a documentary on the topic “The student perspective of feminism.” The aim of the film is to tackle some of the misconceptions people have of this social issue. I’ve chosen this as a topic because it’s something I’m incredibly passionate about and also something I think more people should be aware of.  Feminism is surrounded with a lot of negativity, particularly in University and Sixth Form when people are just forming their opinions of the world and the issues in it. Feminism is seen as having ‘had its time’ or that it’s ‘irrelevant’ now and that is simply not the case.

Passing Stranger (2013)

This film was made as part of my first University film project. The film had images of people and various places with a voiceover reading a poem. The poem was a collaboration of poetry by Walt Whitman, Sylvia Plath, Whitney Albright and myself. I was inspired by Mekas’ film “As I was Moving Ahead Occasionally I saw Brief Glimpses of Beauty” to make a short film in this style, in the original edit I also used a Super 8 filter to give it the same imperfect, nostalgic effect that Mekas’ film had. The main message of the film was that even though we’re all strangers we’re all people. I showed this idea using images of religion, politics and graffiti. I realised that for my short film I wanted to capture the everyday but keeping with the theme of strangers. I wanted to incorporate Mekas’ use of a stream of consciousness like narrative but fit it in with my own ideas and images of strangers. I really liked the simple, personal but also beautiful concept of it, so I tried to bring these themes into my own work.


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