Travel Photography from Berlin:

Travel Photography from Croatia:

Media Arts Exhibition:

Camden Market Graffiti:

Street Photography (Early February):

What I found interesting in this set of images is about how we perceive our history. For example the contrast between the serious war memorial and the humourous history plaque and also the flower that was laid there to remember the dead soldiers but wasn’t in the best of conditions.

Curiosity in Plymouth:

Black and White Graffiti

I enjoy photographing graffiti because it is a form of illegal self expression even though it can often have something very interesting to say about current affairs and the world in general.

Digital University Photography Project:

The brief for that project was that I had to create photographs based on a known narrative. I chose to use this brief to create images based off of famous film scenes. For example, these are inspired by “Brief Encounter” and “The Graduate”. I wanted to very much focus on the character’s loneliness.

Analogue University Photography Project:

The brief for the project was “Places”.  I chose the theme ‘Urban Decay’ to create these analogue black and white images of city life.