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This documentary is an exploration of my family and our dynamic since my sister Diana, came out as male to female transgender. It is a personal window into our lives as an ordinary family and an insight into being a young transgender person in the 21st century. The aim is not to sensationalise my family but to normalise and bring more awareness of young transgender people in a more light hearted way.

Here is a Q&A I did about the film.

<p><a href=”″>&quot;Translucent&quot; Q&amp;A at Queer as Film</a> from <a href=””>Emily Steele</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

This is a short documentation of the Media Arts Exhibition for my first year at University.

Media Arts Exhibition 2014 from Emily Steele on Vimeo.


I made a documentary on the topic “The student perspective of feminism.” The aim of the film is to tackle some of the misconceptions people have of this social issue. I’ve chosen this as a topic because it’s something I’m incredibly passionate about and also something I think more people should be aware of.  Feminism is surrounded with a lot of negativity, particularly in University and Sixth Form when people are just forming their opinions of the world and the issues in it. Feminism is seen as having ‘had its time’ or that it’s ‘irrelevant’ now and that is simply not the case. You don’t even need to step out of the door to see sexually explicit images of women, degrading portrayals of women and gender biased or targeted marketing, entertainment and in the general image of women in our culture. It is shown in Advertising, Magazines, Television Shows, Films, Photography and this transpires into the world of work and social interaction. I think this is very prevalent in University life with LAD culture being a big part of the overall culture in University with heavy drinking being encouraged alongside a mind-set of trying to sleep with as many women as possible. Many men at University do not see women as anything other than a sexualised object for their gratification and that is something that feminism is tackling. I think it’s great that a feminist society is being formed at Plymouth University and I would like to document their thoughts and feelings about the purpose of feminism nowadays and what is can do to improve university life for everyone.

This film was made as part of my first University film project.  The film had images of people and various places with a voiceover reading a poem. The poem was a collaboration of poetry by Walt Whitman, Sylvia Plath, Whitney Albright and myself. I was inspired by Mekas’ film “As I was Moving Ahead Occasionally I saw Brief Glimpses of Beauty” to make a short film in this style, in the original edit I also used a Super 8 filter to give it the same imperfect, nostalgic effect that Mekas’ film had. The main message of the film was that even though we’re all strangers we’re all people. I showed this idea using images of religion, politics and graffiti. I realised that for my short film I wanted to capture the everyday but keeping with the theme of strangers. I wanted to incorporate Mekas’ use of a stream of consciousness like narrative but fit it in with my own ideas and images of strangers. I really liked the simple, personal but also beautiful concept of it, so I tried to bring these themes into my own work.

Passing Stranger from Emily Steele on Vimeo.

I am a former Video Technician for I worked there for nearly 3 years and it was my first experience of shooting in a studio environment and also working for a large business with a very public profile. The videos are short and informative about all of the products on the site and how to use them.